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Eyebrow tattooing is an enhancement of beauty and personality for those without eyebrows, less eyebrows, partial eyebrows, disorganized. Or not as beautiful as the liking of that person Similar to lip tattoo or eye tattoo To reduce makeup time Because the tattooed eyebrows will last for many years Eyebrow tattooing is not a new method. joker gaming But it has gotten more popular over the years. Because techniques are added to look more realistic and more dimensional, however. Tattooing is a beauty technique. Which are not using medical equipment Not a cure or a cure It is a service in establishments outside the hospital. Those who want to get eyebrows should study the information and methods well before making a decision.

Important limitation in eyebrow tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing is a beauty treatment. It is not a medical treatment. Hence, there is no medical endorsement of any kind that will yield satisfactory results.
Even as a permanent tattoo But the color that appears in the tattoo will fade away over time. Those who have tattooed eyebrows may have to go for it repeatedly.
In the future Fashion and style of eyebrows may change with trends. Eyebrow tattooing will have a long-term effect on the face of the tattooer. Because it can be difficult to change
If there is any mistake in the tattoo process Those who have tattooed need to fix with laser to remove tattoo. Causing trouble And may not be able to remove all tattoos
Tattooing that is not standardized Not clean and unsafe Or even during the self-care period after tattooing May be at risk of causing health problems such as inflammation, infection, etc.
The applicant must be at the appropriate age for eyebrows. Can take care of themselves Because eyebrow tattooing has the cost of tattooing And if there are side effects or not satisfactory Tattoo removal or treatment is costly. Eyebrow tattooing is a beauty treatment that has long-term effects. Should consider carefully before making a decision.
Preparation before getting eyebrows

Study of the health effects

Consult your doctor before tattooing Because tattooing can affect the disease The symptoms you are facing Or it can affect any future treatment such as those who are allergic to the colors used in the tattoo. Or people with bulging scars (keloids) should not be tattooed

Learn about eyebrow tattooing.

When you are confident that tattooing will not affect your future health problems Should study and research carefully first as follows

It is best to choose a tattoo with a professional technician who has a professional certificate or has received training courses on the practice of tattooing and the proper use of tattoo equipment.
The establishment must be clean. Being in a revealing place And has a reliable location
Equipment used in tattooing Either the tattoo machine, the needle or the color used must be sterile product. Or always wash and sanitize before applying a tattoo Color tubes should be separated for each customer. Not used together as it may cause infection.
The cost of the tattoo must be the price that is suitable for the quality received.
Study the eyebrow tattooing process, preparation and self-care after tattooing. Possible side effects And ways to treat and fix if problems occur later
Study the shape, position and color of the eyebrows to be tattooed to suit the face. They may consult with close people and expert technicians. Including a study of pre- and post-tattoo examples of those who had been tattooed at that establishment
Steps for eyebrow tattooing

Before eyebrow tattooing, you need to test your skin with a patch test to see if you are allergic to the color you use for tattooing.
The technician will use the pen to draw the desired eyebrow shape onto the skin area to be tattooed.
Then the technician will apply the numbness throughout the area to be tattooed.
When the anesthetic takes effect The technician will begin to use a tattoo needle to pierce the skin under the top layer one by one. So that the pigment goes under the skin as desired The pigment will be dripped down through a needle punctured skin hole. While tattooing eyebrows A tattooed person may experience pain like a bee sting.
The length of time it takes for eyebrows to be tattooed.

Eyebrow tattooing takes approximately 1 hour.

After eyebrow tattooing

After the eyebrow tattoo is finished The skin around the tattoo will be swollen and red.
Eyebrow tattooed may itch and feel like the dry skin around the tattoo is recovering.
In the first stage, the eyebrows that have been tattooed will be dull dark and will gradually fade to become permanent in about 4 weeks.
When the tattoo is in place You may need to repeat the tattoo to add more color and intensity in the last 4-6 weeks, or maybe 1-3 years after the tattoo has faded.

Self-care after eyebrow tattooing

Use a cold compress to reduce swelling. And use an antibiotic cream topical to prevent infection
Avoid exposing the tattoo to sunlight. And do not apply sunscreen for several weeks after a tattoo To prevent the sunscreen from reacting until the color of the tattoo changes.
Avoid exposing the tattoo to water. Not soaking in the bathtub for too long And not swimming Especially swimming pool water with a high content of chlorine For several weeks after a tattoo Or until the tattoo is in place To prevent the tattoo color from fading off And prevent inflammation and infection that may occur
When the tattoo is in place and all side effects heal about 2 weeks after tattooing. Tattooers will be able to return to life. Doing various activities including the normal use of cosmetics and beauty creams
Risks and Possible Side Effects of Eyebrow Tattooing

Although there is a small chance of side effects But those who have eyebrows should keep an eye out for signs of health problems. If you find something wrong Should ask for establishments that have been tattooed Or consult a doctor

The problems that may be encountered after eyebrow tattooing include

The results were not satisfactory. And difficult to fix
Inflammation Or small inflamed nodules that appear under the skin around the tattoo
Skin allergic reactions such as swelling, itching, cracks, peeling skin, or blisters appear.
Have a lot of scars or scar tissue
Infection, especially harmful infections such as HIV Infected with viral hepatitis, etc.
How to remove tattoo?

If eyebrow tattooing is not satisfactory Or do not want to have a tattoo on the eyebrows anymore Those who have tattooed need to get a laser to remove the tattoo from a qualified and properly licensed physician. The doctor will select the laser according to the type and color of the tattoo. By having to shave the hair in the area to be laser removed first Anesthesia may be applied to the area where the laser tattoo removal will be applied. Which takes about 10-30 minutes for each laser treatment

Even the energy in the laser removes the unwanted tattoo. But laser tattoo removal has its limitations, such as

Laser tattoo removal has to be performed several times in 6-8 weeks before the results are visible.
Although the laser can help remove the pigment in the tattoo. But may not be able to remove all tattoos. After the laser, some signs of the original tattoo may still appear on the skin.
Some shades of pigment cannot be removed.
Do not use the laser on skin that is dark or scorched by sunlight. Or tanning from sunbathing
Laser should not be performed on pregnant women in the early stages.
There may be side effects after the laser treatment, such as bleeding in the laser area. Skin color where the laser does not blend with the surrounding skin Permanent scars may occur. Or may cause complications such as infection
Those who have laser tattoo removal take care of themselves similar to those who have been tattooed. The wound to remove the tattoo must be avoided in contact with water. Avoid scented soaps, swimming, saunas, and strenuous activities after several days of the laser treatment.

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