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Believe that many people who are losing weight. Or turn more attention to health All choose to reduce sugar as much as possible Which is considered good But did you know the fact that our bodies still need sugar? Therefore, we should not ban sugar. But choose to eat in small quantities instead. Today, 123 I want to share techniques for eating sugar that are good for your physical and mental health without getting fat.
Sugar is something we tend to eat without knowing. Because it is hidden in almost every menu of our food, drinks and snacks, whether it is food that contains sugar in the process of cooking rice or flour, drinks and desserts is what everyone knows. Better than how much sugar is there? It has been said that Thailand has 20 teaspoons of sugar per day, or even more. Which is a large quantity that is considered to be at risk of causing various diseases to follow

The maximum amount of sugar we eat per day
Men should not exceed 9 teaspoons.
Women and children should not exceed 6 teaspoons.
Young women and children may be hurt as to why we eat less sugar than men. Because the male body Can burn better than women And children who like sweets more than that

Choose sugar in food instead of drinks and desserts.
Have you ever noticed? That when we lose weight Or want to reduce sugar The first thing that should be avoided is snacks and soft drinks, as well as milk tea and many other beverages. Because most sweets Contains flour And sugar In which eating a piece or two of a snack may result in more sugar than you should have eaten per day. As well as beverages with sugar as a staple in almost all menus. Whether coffee (Except black coffee without sugar) tea, especially the pearl milk tea With sugar from milk tea And flour and brown sugar from the pearls or smoothies and another thing with a lot of sugar Until it is a forbidden drink for weight loss people And reducing sugar is soft drinks, because in 1 can or bottle that we eat. It contains more sugar than we should be eating per day. So if we want to reduce sugar Instead, avoid these snacks and drinks.

And another reason we should choose to eat more food Because in the food we eat, there is always a mixture of sugar. Or even clean foods that contain sugars from some types of flour and grains Which is considered in the amount that the body needs So you can eat well, eat well, but don't eat a lot. Because otherwise, it is no different from eating snacks. And drinks along with anyway

Can reduce but not lack
Not that it would be a good idea to not eat sugar at all. In fact, our bodies need sugar. In order to turn into energy for us It also helps us to have a better mood. Because sugar will help stimulate the body to release endorphins and serotonin substances that will help us feel good. And reduce the heat Or easily frustrated And if our body gets the right amount of sugar Will give us stress hormones Also known as Glucocorticoids in the body are 25% less than we do not consume sugar, which is the stress hormone that makes us fat more easily. And also weakens the immune system in our body as well Likewise, if we eat a lot of sugar, we will have high stress hormones. Cause obesity and weak body, which is why obese people have many diseases that follow.

Not eating sugar, causing the urge to eat
Another very scary thing for people who lose weight. We choose not to eat sugar at all. Causing the body to lack energy And when there is an opportunity to eat Will find that we will be eating in larger quantities than before Whether that thing contains sugar or not And if there is sugar, the body will order us to eat it in large quantities that it is hard to resist It turns out that our past sugar cuts were wasted. Plus they received a higher daily sugar content than they should be. Thus making us unable to control eating So we must not break the raw material. But use the method to gradually reduce In order to help make our body used and able to adjust to eating. Long-term control of food intake

Thanks for the good information from.joker123

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