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About "salt" with the way of eating
Salt, the common food ingredient in our kitchen. Indeed, it has always influenced many of the world's most important historical events, including food, politics, economy, society, traditions, culture, beliefs, religion and science. Today, let's delve into the history of salt and bring about health.

Starting from history
There is evidence of the history of salt for thousands of years from its discovery.It is believed that salt was produced in Shichuan, China over 3,000 BC. The Great Wall of China is built on the salt tax of the Chinese court. Because the salt trade in ancient China was a monopoly in the royal court The Chinese salt merchants were therefore highly influential because of the enormous benefits involved, salt was an expensive item. Since China is mainland There is very little in the area of ​​Tidale compared to the whole land. Difficult cargo travel Risk the terrain of obstacles and thieves. While salt is essential for cooking. Especially food preservation, can be stored for a long time until winter The great Roman army was also built from collecting salt.

In the past, salt was a valuable asset to the human eye.
Homer, poet and ancient Greek historian Even praising the salt as "God's substance" salt was used as a currency. You may have heard some of that Salary, which means salary, comes from the word `` Salt '' in the ancient Roman Empire, earning a salary of salt But for Thailand already Salt is definitely not a rare find. I have heard my grandmother say the word "As cheap as salt" before

The ancients found that salt or sodium chloride had a special property that was unchanged. Even after dissolving with water Also evaporates back to form salt crystals as before In Islam and Judah, salt is used on the contract of sale, a symbolic use of salt. Hiding the implications of the depth in which the tight covenant between them

The cultures of salt beliefs around the world also say that people of the past thousands of years still know salt better than today's people. Wood print 1157 A picture in paris It depicts women holding their husbands soaking in salt to increase their masculinity. In some European wedding traditions, salt is placed in the left pocket or in the bride's shoes. As for the gods in Egypt who were celibate would refrain from eating salt. The reason is because salt stimulates sex drive.

Salt is used to drive demons. Evil spirits And destroy the curse according to the beliefs of the old people And salt also creates a global trade route and a catalyst for a war.
If you look at the surface, salt is not as important to Thai food as fish sauce. Although not the protagonist But the salt is used to improve the taste of food. Some cooks add salt to their curries. To bring out the taste of food In soups, fish sauce, soy sauce, and salt may be added.Many massaman curry recipes include additional salt. Fried rice is especially delicious when sprinkled with salt and fried. A small grain of salt When the rice is not completely melted, the texture of the rice is both very salty and less salty. Not all salty, the whole dish is boring. Help them eat more.

In addition to serving the salinity Salt also serves to cut the sweetness, not too sweet. At the same time, it helps to bring out the sweetness from the food to be mellow. Help cut the sour taste in fruit avant-garde. Such as raw mango, pineapple, gooseberry, tamarind, santol

Eat the right amount of salt
In fact, your body only needs 2,000 milligrams of salt, or 1 teaspoon, per day. If it exceeds this, there will be harm to the body

What is the reason why we want to eat salty?
Sometimes craving to eat salty It may reflect certain disorders in the body that call for salty food.

1. Stress

2. Sexual health

3. Growth

4. Sleep problems

5. Sweat loss

6. Symptoms before menstruation

7. Diseases that cause low blood pressure. And the loss of mineral salts

And there are many other benefits, both for health and in the household. To follow

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