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Yellow nails can be a common distraction for nail lovers. In addition to making nails look unsightly Sometimes it can be a sign of an underlying health problem, so knowing the cause and keeping an eye on it can help keep nails healthy. And reduce the risk of yellowing nails from the root cause too

Yellow nails caused by what?

Healthy nails should be evenly colored and have a smooth surface without any marks such as cracks, indentations, or irregular shapes. This can be caused by many factors.

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The reasons that cause yellow nails which are common are as follows

Nail polish is of no quality. Using a low-quality nail polish that contains pigments or harmful chemicals. Will cause those substances to penetrate into the nails and cause yellowing of the nails In particular, dark nail polishes, such as red or orange, can also cause yeast, bacteria and fungi to grow under the nail plates, leading to long-term problems. Therefore, it is not a good idea if the nails stay on for a long time without any rest People with yellow nails from this cause may notice that the newly grown nails should be healthy, clear nail color, but if the nail color remains the same. It may be a warning sign to seek medical attention.
Getting older Just like any other part of the body, human nails tend to change with age, be it color, thickness or shape. The elderly are therefore the age prone to have natural yellow nails than other ages.
Illness Some people may have yellow nails due to a malfunction of the body. Or as a result of treating ailments such as nail fungus, diabetes, psoriasis Thyroid disease Skin cancer, etc. It is also found in people with yellow nail syndrome (Yellow Nail Syndrome), which is an abnormality affecting the nails. Lymphatic system And the respiratory system But it is unlikely to happen
Yellow nails can also be caused by other causes, such as injury. Abnormal skin, smoking, vitamin or mineral deficiency, etc.

Yellow nails with unusual symptoms that should see a doctor.

Some changes in the nails can be a sign of a disorder in the body. Therefore, you should see a doctor if your nails are discolored for no reason. Dark patches or white patches appear on the nails. Which may have a line and the appearance of the nail has changed. By thickening or thinner More brittle and more easily broken than usual Swelling, redness, bleeding, or pain around the nail

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