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Healthy and sustainable eating methods like the homeopathic food

The homeopathic diet is a dietary approach that focuses on nature. The consumption of vegetables that are naturally grown, seasonal, organic and chemical free to give value to the body and mind. And reduce toxins in the body By that homeopathic food It is a dietary approach that Dr. Satis Intarakamhaeng has studied and improved from the principles of macrobiotics. To suit the lifestyle of Thai people

For that homeopathic meaning It is the process that makes our body and mind healthy. By Mr. Sathis Compare that The human body normally has two entities, the first being the body at birth, the other being the emotions that we normally associate with each other. If any one of them is sick The other one will be ill. Taking good care of your health therefore requires both physical and mental health care at the same

And food is an important factor in the homeopathic. The most important is Humans should not eat bleach. Including all fast food Or easy to explain Is the nature of the homeopathic diet Single layer food It is the food that maintains its original natural state as possible. Do not have to go through a lot of flavor. And keep the same taste Most of the food

Eat a balanced, balanced diet. Typical homeopathic
Rice, grain flour, 50 percent of each meal.
Should eat starchy foods. (Not white), such as brown rice, brown rice, hand to get vitamins and minerals.
In the amount of 50 percent or half of the meal And if choosing corn Must be corn, whole kernels or ears. As for bread, it should be whole wheat bread. And if it's a complex carbohydrate starch (Or multi-layer flour with protein mix), it should add sweet potato, taro or pumpkin to it.

25 percent of vegetables at each meal, or one quarter of a meal
Eat half of raw vegetables and cooked vegetables. And for the best results, grow vegetables without chemicals to eat themselves to get vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber to aid in the excretion But if you have to buy vegetables in the market Recommended to wash them thoroughly. Soak in potassium permanganate water Or diluted vinegar for 1-2 hours will help detoxify vegetables as well.

Nuts and nut products 15 percent of each serving.
Nuts and pea products provide good quality protein. And provide fat that is not harmful to the body Knowing this, you should be able to choose a variety of nuts, such as green beans, soybeans, red beans, or bean products. Like tofu In addition, animal protein can occasionally be used. Fish and seafood About a week 1 time to obtain essential amino acids

Miscellaneous 10 percent of each meal
Types of curries or soups such as stew, curry liang, or miso soup (Japanese bean paste mixed in broth).
And fruits should be unsweetened fruits such as guava, raw mango, papaya or jujube, etc.

What should be avoided if wanting to eat homeopathic food?
1.Meat that is difficult to digest: pork, chicken
2.Eggs and milk
3. White polishing flour and all kinds of white polishing products
4. Bleached sugar and all kinds of bleached sugar products.
5. Bad fat or saturated fat Including animal fat, palm oil and coconut milk

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